How do I book a Skip Bin?

You can contact us here on our website or call Clint on 0404 538 171 to book a Skip Bin.

How much notice do I need to give to hire a Skip Bin?

We usually require a minimum of 24 hours notice for deliveries, change-overs, or collections. For orders place early in the day, we can often deliver a Skip Bin on the same day.

How do I pay for a Skip Bin?

We usually require payment at the time of ordering a Skip Bin or prior to delivery. You can pay us by cash or eftpos.

How long can I keep a Skip Bin?

Our standard Skip Bin hire is 7 days. You can call Clint on 0404 538 171 or contact us directly if you are finished with the Skip Bin sooner than the 7 days or require additional days of hire (no refunds apply if Skip Bin hire is less than 7 days).

Where and when do you deliver Skip Bins?

Clint’s Skips services the Brisbane area, from Acacia Ridge to Caboolture. If your suburb is not on our list, please contact us directly and we may still be able to service your area. We can usually deliver your Skip Bin as soon as 24 hours after it is booked. We also deliver to all businesses, schools, offices, factories, showgrounds, shopping centres and building sites.

Where do you place the Skip Bin and can I move it?

Under no circumstances is the Skip Bin to be moved once placed by us. Clint will place the Skip Bin in the most appropriate location for your ease of access based on your requirements discussed at the time of the booking.

Can the Skip Bin be put on the footpath?

Usually Skip Bins can be placed on the footpath so long as it is not blocking pedestrian access or utility pits. A permit may be required but different councils have different regulations.

Can the Skip Bin be put on the road?

If the Skip Bin is to be placed on the road, the property owner will need to make an application to the appropriate council division.

What happens if I overload the Skip Bin?

Where possible we will try and take the Skip Bin once the overloaded items are removed and left in a neat pile near the side of the Skip Bin. If overloading is extreme, Clint will contact you directly to advise you that the Skip Bin was unable to be removed due to overloading (additional fees may apply for additional Skip Bins and time lost etc).

What waste should I keep out of the Skip Bin?

In accordance with environment legislation: asbestos or fibro, tyres, food, liquids, gas bottles, flammable containers and general hazardous materials including solvents, paints, acids, oils, poisons, needles & syringes, explosives and any other environmentally unfriendly substances or objects likely to cause harm or damage. To dispose of these materials you will need to contact your local council.

What size Skip Bin should I use?

It is easy to underestimate the amount of rubbish you have so it is often better to order a bigger size than you think you will need to avoid overloading the skip bin, as it is illegal to transport overloaded or overweight skip bins.

Do I need Council permission or a permit to hire a Skip Bin?

As long as the Skip Bin is placed on your property, you will not need Council permission or a permit. If the Skip Bin will be placed on public land such as nature strips, a permit may be required but different councils have different regulations.

What is included in the price for Skip Bin hire?

Skip Hire prices include delivery of the Skip Bin, pick up of the Skip Bin, GST, plus any and all tip fees. Clint will quote a price directly to you in response to the size of Skip Bin you require, what type of waste materials you have, and how long you require the Skip Bin.

What happens to my rubbish after it is collected?

Clint transports all waste to a transfer station where on average 70% of waste is recycled.

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